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     Twisted Root Organic Farm is a six acre family farm based in Paonia, Colorado which focuses on growing diversified vegetables, lavender, herbs, eggs, flowers and fruit for local markets.  Here at Twisted Root, we implement principles from biointensive agriculture, biodynamics, and permaculture design in order to create an ecologically sustainable system.  To read more about our land stewardship and growing practices, click here.

Kristin Just grew a fondness for vegetables as a child while noshing raw patty pan squashes and strawberries from one of her mother's many gardens in the St. Croix River Valley of Minnesota.  

After six years of dedicating her education to agriculture and working on diversified veggie farms across Boulder County, Kristin decided they had better just get on with it already and start their own farming venture.  Kristin and Eric broke ground at Twisted Root Organic Farm in the fall of 2014. .

Kristin wears many hats at Twisted Root and sees the farm through crop planning, seed propagation, harvesting, marketing and everything in between.  She loves everything about farming (yes, even the spreadsheets) and in her free time she enjoys hiking the West Elk mountains with the farm dogs or keeping up with Eric on her skis.




Eric Just's beginnings as a farmer originated while participating in a work exchange at Enca Farm in the Philippines.  Hours upon hours of harvesting and de-pulping coffee beans with an old stone wheel did not discourage Eric from the arduous lifestyle that is farming, but instead inspired him to begin Twisted Root with Kristin three years later.

Eric’s experience in construction and greenhouse management have deemed him the irrigation, building and all-around implementation expert. While he is daydreaming about the fresh lines he will take on his skis come wintertime or about how exactly the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl again, Eric is always working hard on a new farm project, breaking and fixing the tractor or scouring the melon patch for the ripest watermelons.

The Twisted Root Farm Crew

Nothing would run smoothly on the farm without the hard work and sunny dispositions of our amazing farm crew!


Resident Farm Dogs 

On any given day Elko and Marlo can be found checking on the water levels in the pond, doing quality control on the carrots and cherry tomatoes in the pack shed, and keeping the chickens safe from neighborhood foxes, raccoons and coyotes.  They are a couple of big softies that love the farm as much as we do.

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