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Moving Food Forward

Agriculture has an unfortunate recent history of being a destructive force for our environment.  Eroding topsoil, polluting waterways and degrading our farm lands with harmful chemicals are all avoidable results from modern day conventional agriculture.  Fortunately, here at Twisted Root we believe farming can also be used as a positive force for our environment and that it can offer a wide range of ecosystem services when appropriate growing practices are in place. 

Other than the joy it brings us to work the land, we were drawn to pursue farming as a career path in order to make a difference in changing current land stewardship practices.  Our environmental objectives here at Twisted Root are to enrich the quality of the soil, conserve water and energy, and encourage biodiversity above and below ground.  We achieve these goals and grow more nutrient-dense, chemical-free crops by using the following practices:

  • Continuously planting a portion of our field in cover crops

  • Incorporating an abundance of organic matter into our soils

  • Encouraging microbial activity and naturally developing our plants’ resistance to pests and disease

  • Maintaining habitat for bats, birds, pollinators and other beneficial insects

  • Implementing a knowledge-based crop rotation plan

  • Converting from flood irrigation to a drip/sprinkler irrigation system

  • Using passive solar and solar photovoltaic energy for year-round, energy efficient production

  • Employing season extension technologies, such as movable hoophouses, which improve soil fertility issues and allow for localized veggie sales into the winter

  • Moving towards a minimal tillage model

  • Localizing our sales to a 100-mile radius

By supporting local, regenerative farms we are supporting the environment that surrounds us and by supporting local, regenerative farms we are Moving Food Forward.

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